Happy Mardi Gras~2009!

Living in Southeast Louisiana this is an exciting time of year~Mardi Gras Time! Tomorrow we will be spending most of our day with family, friends and other parade goers enjoying lots and lots of food, music and parades--yeah for us!
We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Mardi Gras Day~2009!
The Sharp Family

Our New House!


And This...
Have finally {{screaming with joy}} turned into

It has finally started to take shape--the ground floor is complete and now they are working on the roof and second floor. I can finally begin to see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. We have been working on this for two years now (since we sold our house) and it is really happening. I cannot wait until it is time to move in--I can completely visualize the interior and exterior. {and for all those who know me, yes all finishes interior and exterior have been selected:)} Being a commercial interior designer, everything was selected before the drawings were even complete--which I finally got to design:) I love being a part of the design and the building of it {we have decided to for go the contractor and his 20%--and save ourselves a little money, but with that said we must endure the aggravation!} Hmmm...maybe that 20% would not be so bad to spend! {{wink}} I will be posting more pics when I have a chance to go out their and take some detailed pics of exterior and interior.

I am just soooooo excited, I cannot even stand it!

Introducing... {Riley Christine Sharp}

Before she was born...
{I just had to show this pic of everyone anxiously awaiting her arrival!}
{counting along with each push, just waiting to hear her first cry}
And After...
{My adorable new niece #4--we are so excited to finally meet her!}
{Born on Friday, January 2, 2009}
{at 3:52 pm}
{weighing in at 7 pounds and 19.5 inches long}






Remy Lucille McIntosh

I would like to introduce my adorable NEW niece,

Remy Lucille McIntosh
7 pounds 11 ounces 20.5 inches

Remy entered the world on Friday, a little after noon--In

my sister-in-law and her husbands new home

of Memphis, TN {Southhaven, MS}.

It was a very crazy day with a few little kinks, but

all in all what a beautiful ending!

Remy was welcomed by a large following of loving relatives:

Reese { The Proud Big Sister},

Nana {my mother-in-law}, Nol {my sister-in-law},

Patti {my husband's aunt}, Shoo-Shoo or Sharon {my husband's aunt}--

Shoo-Shoo is what all the little one's call her, Weezer or Betsy {cousin},

and last but not least, Uncle Pat-Pat {My husband}, Aunt Man {Me},

Jackson and Rayburn.

Remy we are all so glad to finally meet you--welcome to the family:)

{Happy Birthday To You}

{The Dinosaur Birthday}
Party for Two


Jackson turns THREE and Rayburn turns TWO!

{It all started with the invitation....}


{Guest followed the sign to the dig}



{The Cakes}

Heather did a wonderful job on the cakes--exactly what I requested!

And as always absolutely delicious!



{And the party begins-Rayburn}


{The Sharp Excavation Site}


Which included hidden fossils, bones and a dino skull! How neat!



{Jackson with a dump truck full of dino bones!}


{Party Guest--Ms. Lillian}

{Excavation Site--Party Guest Braeden brings in the big
equipment for some serious digging!}


{Party Guest-Ms. Reese}



{It's Gift Time}


Look at my little man's grin--he definitely knows what is about to happen!



{Check Out My Helicopter Mom!}



{The End }


Evacuated--But ready to go back home!

Because of GUSTAV (and the mental scars left by Katrina) we left our home Saturday evening to head for my sister-in-laws home in Southhaven, MS (just south of Memphis, TN). After a very long and tiresome journey we finally arrived 8 hours later (this is normally a five hour trip). We finally received damage reports from my dearest husband(whom I miss soooo much right now), who stayed back home (because of work), --My moms house did have minor tree damage but everyone else seemed to do just fine!!! Hope all is well for everyone else:) I don't know about everyone else who evacuated but I am so ready to go back HOME!!! I know we still do not have power and St. Tammany Parish is officially closed for re-entry at this time--but I could so get in my car and drive the 5 hours it takes right at this moment!!!! I am just so anxious about what is going on and it is getting more difficult to get in touch with my husband and other family members on cell phones. Can't wait to get home--everyone stay safe.
One more thing, even though it was nothing like Katrina--I am so glad we did not stay at home with my 2-year old and 3-year old!

New Additions to Our Family!

These two beta fish are now the newest additions to The Sharp Family. May I introduce to you Lighting McQueen Sharp (Red Fish) and King Sharp or Doc Sharp (Blue Fish)!
Jackson and Mimi went to the pet store the other day and this is what Mimi (my dearest younger sister--the middle one) decided my children needed. FISH! That is just what I need something else to feed and take care of. Anyway the kids are having the best time just staring at them b/c that is all you can do with fish--RIGHT?

My two little men....

I had to post these pics--it is very rare that these two actually smile at the camera. I think they have to be the most adorable boys in the world!!!!!! Check out the cheetos on the face.

I know this pic is almost identical to the one above, but I had to post it. For those who know about Rayburn's little teeth accident (and for those who don't) check out the chip in this open mouth smile!!!!! It just adds a little more character.

Boys Will Be Boys...

Check out Jackson's face in this pic!
A day after a lot of rain--my "boys" (my husband, jackson and rayburn) decided what better to do than to ride the four wheeler through lots and lots of water. They had the best time going through the same puddles over and over again. This is why we moved to the "country"!!! Could you see them trying to do this in our old neighborhood--not a chance.

Rainy Day Play Outdoors!

Something about this pic of Rayburn is so adorable--I am not sure if it is the dirt all over his legs or the cut under his eye--but he just looks so cute! It rained on and off today so we did not get much time outdoors until late this evening--which was probably for the best because the heat and humidity were almost unbearable! Well, when we finally did make it outdoors this it what one of the two (the one that actually does not mind me taking his pic) ended up looking like. One cut under the eye (crash with dump truck), a cut lip (slipped on the steps trying to get to the slide) and a lot of mud later...he relaxes with his sippy cup!
Check-out the wet, dirty pants and the navy crocs--they look a little black from all the dirt!

Tennis 101...Sharp Style!

The tennis lessons begin! Jackson decided about a week ago that he wanted to play tennis--I was so EXCITED! You see I played tennis in high school, a little in college and after college, actually until I was about 5 months pregnant with Jackson (the belly kinda got in the way)! My husband however has a different opinion of tennis--he really thinks that our boys should not play that it is baseball all the WAY! Well, as for now I will enjoy my time with the boys and tennis--so our lesson starts....
We first practice how to stand, hold the racket, etc. Then it is time to hit the ball...wow with a little assistance from mom to get the feel of a swing he hits it...
but into the net it goes. That's ok though--he was just so excited to hit the ball. Oh by the way they both looked adorable with their little itty bitty tennis rackets!
We try again..look at that follow through--mommy is so proud! This ball went over the net!!!! I think he is a natural!

Of course I could not leave out my little man--he did so well! He actually listened to mommy and did exactly what I said--WOW! Here he is hitting his first ball--check out his face, so excited!

And now the follow-through, what a WONDERFUL follow through!! Maybe I'm partial because it is my son, but to bad he's the next Pete Sampras/Andre Agassi of my days of watching tennis! We had so much fun playing tennis, I think we will definitely go back this week and try some more swings! Did I mention, I LOVE TENNIS!!!!!!!!! Oh one more thing, all of this wonderful instruction was complete in less than 30 minutes!!!!

Another Sharp Adventure...Gulfport, MS

Just another adventure this summer--Jackson was pointing to an airplane, the airport in Gulfport is not far from the beach, so you can actually see the "big planes" flying in and out!

I love this pic of Rayburn! Very focused on digging in the sand!

Bringing mommy the sand that he has in his shovel--my little boy is bringing his not so sandy mom a present! How sweet!

This is what boys do on the beach--make tracks!

My waterbug loves to lay in the water and let the waves just roll in under him!

Making Cupcakes 101

First, Jackson adds the oil--while Rayburn the assistant watches patiently for his turn or maybe just to lick the bowl!!

Add the eggs,

Mix it up,

Then enjoy! I know you bake or something in there somewhere, right? They take after their mommy way to much and just forget the baking, lets go for the bowl!

And enjoy a little more! Just another day at The Sharp House or for those who know me pretty well The Sharp "Temporary" House!!!!!!